Your office on a stick

One of the persistent problems of teleworking, for those telecommuters and other teleworkers who have multiple “offices”, is keeping files synchronized between locations. In the earlier days of telecommuting we even had one telecommuter who dragged file drawers from the main office, put them in the car trunk, and trundled the whole works home the evening before starting a telecommuting day. Well, now there’s a better way, at least for Windows users.

The answer is a free utility called SyncToy that lets you synchronize office and home (or other location) files by means of a memory stick. You can download it from Microsoft’s Windows XP site. There is also a version for Vista. The idea is that you load all your crucial office files on a memory stick, reload the stick with whatever changes you make while teleworking, and carry the stick with you when you go back to your principal office.

I don’t know of a similar utility for Linux users but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. One way of achieving the same result as SyncToy might be a script using rsync.  That might work on both Linux and OS X as well.
In any case, if security is an issue, make sure that the data on the stick is encrypted and  don’t lose the stick!

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