Time to leap

To those of you who are as yet uncommitted: On this quadrennial extra day of the year I urge you to make the leap into a mode of working that may benefit all concerned. Teleworking. Here are some reasons to make the leap.

  • Pain and suffering. Do you think commuting to work in your car every day is a pain, not to mention the impact on your budget of $4 per gallon gas? Then consider the impact of omitting at least one of those trips per week while still getting all your work done. Is your usual workplace too hot, too cold, too dirty—and out of your control? Would your home be more conducive to your enhanced effectiveness and reduced stress? Then why not telecommute? Are your officemates constantly interrupting you and making you lose your train of thought? Have you calculated what the daily commute is costing you in lunch bills, car repairs, gasoline, insurance, clothes and cleaning bills? Would working from home be more expensive than that?
  • Altruism. Would you like this to be a better world, with decreased air pollution and global warming? People who don’t use their cars for commuting make that contribution to the future. Would you like to spend more time with your kids, your community, your hobbies, broadening your education? Teleworkers can turn that newly achieved non-commute time to such ends.
  • What else? The above is just a very short list of whys. Please give me your own suggestions and/or experience (via the Comments box) as to why anyone should make the leap into a better future. It’s time.

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