Telework: strategy for moving to the gig economy

While JALA’s efforts over the years have concentrated on telework with and for employees of larger organizations, millennials are changing the equation. Increasingly, younger employees yearn to join the ranks fo the self employed. Information technology is abetting that desire. The gig economy, often described as piecework for the underemployed, is having a similar transformation. Here Lucy Reed of Gigmine has this to say about making the transition while still being employed.

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Make a strong start to your side business to build success

by Lucy Reed
Side businesses aren’t new, but with the connectivity of the digital age, the opportunities to start your own side gig have exploded. With the allure of flexibility and earning extra income, more people are choosing to jump on these opportunities. If you’re ready to get into the gig economy, follow these tips to start strong and build with success.

Do what Inspires you

If you’re overwhelmed by all the different options, start by thinking about what inspires you. Some people naturally choose to go freelance in a field they already work in, which can be a great option for advancing your career and making the most of your skills. This is also a chance, though, to turn a passion into a profit. Building a business is a labor of love, so it’s important to choose something you really want to spend time on.

There are several different routes you can take. Digital work is always in high demand, with options to start an online business blogging, freelance writing, or becoming a virtual assistant. If you’re artistic, online platforms can also be useful to start selling your craft. Another option is to offer a service, such as dog walking or babysitting. Wherever your interests lie, once you decide on something, stop and ask if your plan meets a need. Fast Company recommends asking for feedback from potential customers to make sure your idea fits what they’re looking for.

Get the word out

Marketing yourself is one of the key steps for going from idea to action. If you’re starting an online business, many industries have sites that specialize in connecting freelancers with clients. Set up profiles with as many as possible to achieve a broad reach. Other tools such as social media and web forums are excellent for networking. Creating accounts on a variety of platforms and actively engaging in them is a valuable way to meet people online and connect with new clients.

You should also consider setting up your own website and creating a logo. Coming up with a business logo can be an extremely challenging component of starting a new business. To make this step easier, use a free online business logo generator tool that will lead you through the process. Don’t skip this step: your logo is a powerful way to convey your vision and send customers a consistent message.

A few tips for strong growth

Developing your idea and marketing yourself are some of the biggest challenges to getting your new business off the ground. Once you’re up and running, you don’t want to lose steam! These are a few suggestions to keep your business growing as strong as it starts:

  • Choose opportunities wisely: When you first get started, it’s tempting to agree to any client who will offer you money. According to Forbes, it’s better to be picky about the projects you accept. Don’t take on a project that undervalues you or that isn’t in line with your goals.
  • Stick with it: You probably won’t make a ton of money right away, and that’s normal. Appreciate those small payouts now and stick with it for the bigger payouts later. Along the same lines, don’t let failure get you down. Everyone makes mistakes, so let each mistake you make be a learning experience that fuels you. If you still struggle to stay motivated, seek advice from a good read targeted to small business owners.
  • Don’t get burnt out: When you run your own business, everything falls on you, so it’s tempting to try to do it all, all the time. You most likely started this business for better work-life balance, so be sure to take time for yourself so that goal doesn’t fall by the wayside.

There is a big mindset shift that takes place when you go from employee to entrepreneur, although it doesn’t happen overnight. Starting your own business can be scary, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Take it all in stride and stay the course for the success to come.

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